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AutoCAD: the best Simulation and Analysis Applications

For any CAD project it is crucial to have a model. Similar to that any analysis or simulation project will be successful without a model. Before you jump into the app reviews be sure to read our guidelines. The applications are all available on Autodesk’s App Store and are digitally signed. This ensures that you get legitimate CAD  software from an authorized source and can eliminate any worries about spy/free/malware.

We wanted to know the scope of these apps and so we looked at whether the app was given an rating or review by the users.

AutoCAD: The Most Effective Simulation and Analysis Applications

Plex.Earth 3.0 Review

The app is compatible with Windows.

AutoFEM Lite 64 Review

While the premium version will add more functionality but the lite version has all the features you need to conduct fine Element Analysis in AutoCAD 2009. It is possible to add it to your workplace and virtually all analysis functions are a mouse click away. AutoCAD allows you to complete all analysis steps. If you want to save the results in an AutoCAD DWG file.

This app allows users to simply input their model into the app to prepare it for simulation. The first step is to create an issue about the FEA. This is known as the study.

Splashtop Streamer Review

Splashtop Streamer makes it easy to share your results from simulation and analyses with others. The app also allows you to use a few networks, which are optimized for setup and installation wizards. There are many connectivity options available for both mobile and desktop computers, including the firewalled network.

Cheetah Solver Review

AutoCAD has a strong parametric foundation however, this application is more than just an improvement. It replaces AutoCAD’s default parametric base with a more advanced set of parametric techniques. It lets users to draw, sketch, design, and model with far more power than AutoCAD’s standard. The constraint resolver module has been upgraded to improve motion simulation. The module is far more accurate than the AutoCAD default. It also allows users to modify the constrained model’s inventor geometry using a more advanced geometry-dragging module.